Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting

I would describe my most awesome, adrenalin-fueled moment as 60 seconds before mixing monitors the first time EVER, for MILES DAVIS at my first gig in 1981.. in Japan with an audience of 30,000 fans .. Whew! What a rush!
One other would be, being thrown JACO’s bass on the last gig of “The Word of Mouth Tour” (US leg). He threw it to me flying sideways from center stage, I closed my eyes and caught it from stage left, only to look up at him pointing at me to take the stage and play “Funky Broadway” which he taught me to play, in his words … “the RIGHT WAY,Like I showed you!” Wow am I blessed or what? A bass player/monitor guy onstage with JACO’s band playing “The Bass of Doom” featuring Mike Stern (GT), Kenwood Dennard, (Drums), Don Alias (perc), Melton Mustafah, (TRMPT), “Silo-head”Alex Foster (sax) …. Talk about a heart-pounding moments?…2 of the BEST moments in my 60years on the planet!!